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123.hp.com | Quick 123HP Printers Setup & Easy Installation Guidelines

Are you in the need of Immediate Driver Download or Driver install? Do you know how to do a wireless setup of Printers in Hewlett-Packard released versions? Do you require any step by step guide or assistance to resolve your printing machine troubleshooting related issues? No Worries about it, whatever your query you have in your devices, we are avail to give solutions to any issues related to install, setup, troubleshoot or driver download on all models of the devices from 123.hp.com/setup Website.

By getting this quick service from out technical experts, just touch ‘Click To Call’ to get answers for all your prints related issues!

  • 123 HP Officejet Models


    123 HP Officejet is aspecific version of Hewlett-Packard branding device specially designed for high-quality multifunctional print experiencesin house and small business purposes. This device assures guarantied and qualified printing with unhampered workflow. If you are looking for low..

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  • 123 HP Envy Models


    123 HP Envy is a low-cost and high-technically color print-serviced machine mostly used for home purposed printer that is embracedwith color printing, copying, scanning, and lab-qualitiedphoto printing with the help of using inbuilt Wi-Fi or High-Speed..

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  • 123 HP Deskjet Models


    123 HP Deskjet is a high-quality photo resulting digitalizing device, which is officially released for small, medium and large official requirements, and small home users. The device provides guaranteed, professional lab quality photos. If you searching a device to..

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  • 123 HP Scanjet Models


    123 HP Scanjet is a recently available,high technical and reasonable priced printer that holds with printing, scanning and copyingfeatures. The Scanjet is exactly suitable for the purposes of small offices and business. It is best choice printings choice for all your..

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123 HP Printer

What do we offer in 123 hp Setup Printer service?

Setup and Install your HP printer at any models like Envy, Officejet, Officejet Pro, Deskjet, Scanjet and LaserJet for any Operating systems comprising Windows and MacOS is so simple without having any troubles in accessing the printer. We are always availing here for 24/7 in 365 days to assist you and guide you in step-by-step manner to fix yourself for any HP print issues. We provide different printer services that include

  HP Printer Setup/troubleshoot

  Driver Software Download/Install

  All HP Printer modes issues fixing

  WirelesslySetup and Configure related issues

  Not printing or Low printing speed issues

  HP spooler Setup or install issues

  Paper Jam and print hear jamming problems

  Driver corrupted or updatedissues

  Ink Cartridge Jam and Paper Jams in HP Printer

  Automatic paper feeder (APF) paper picking up problems.

  Windows and MacOs Setup issues.

  Computer and Printer connectivity related issues.

  Paper roller damaged or corrupted

  Paper tray damp paper related problems

  Paper path blocking and Access door closing issues

  Incorrect paper loading in paper tray issues

  Paper jobs stuck in printing queue

  50.4 error or other printing errors

  Printer and computer freezing issue

  ePrint, AirPrint, and Chrome CloudPrint related issues

Top reasons for selecting us for your printer needs:

Step 1: Well Talented Printer Experts: We include highly talented and technically enriched experts for giving high-quality printer support or step by step guidance for all HP Printer Related issues.

Step 2: 100% Customer Satisfaction: We can highly concentrate our customer service satisfaction with our online or remote service in terms of Setup, Install, Troubleshoot and Download.

Step 3: Affordable and High-Quality Service: We deliver High Professional Printer Service with Affordable Service with high-quality Printing Service Concentrations.

123 hp Printer Basic Hardware and Software Setup and Install:

Switch on a HP printing device by slowly pressing a power button located on a left side of your printer. Selecting language/country/region of your device by pressing upward/downward arrows carefully.

When your printer screen shows instructions to insert an ink cartridge, install a Tri color or mono color cartridge by using an orange pull tab to remove a tape covering electrical contacts and ink nozzles.

Ensure that the cartridge to be correctly below a lock lever to install the black cartridge.

Reload different papers in a paper loading tray and perform proper printing out the alignment page.

Set up wireless connection of your printer using step by step instructions that is displayed in a printer touch screen.

123 hp Printer Driver Installation:

Here we have discussed step by step instructions to install Printer drivers with the help of using a CD or without using a CD.

Step 1: Ensure that your Printer and Your computer are turned on and both are connected with strengthen wireless network.

Step 2: Click an option of ‘Software and Drivers’ followed by searching HP Technical support page Google Chrome Searching box and enter your respective printer model number in a ‘Enter my HP model number’ box.

Step 3: Click on the Search product options.

Step 4: Get a number of screening options in association with name of your printer and click the respective option according to your need.

Step 5: Click a ‘Download’ button followed based upon considering operating system and its version.

Step 6: After downloading a setup executable file, Install the corresponding printer driver followed by clicking Window option of your Laptop or Desktop computer, opening a control panel, choosing a ‘Hardware and Devices’, clicking Add a device and selecting the connected printer to complete an installation completely.

123 hp Setup for Windows Based Printing needs:

Ensure that loading of printer papers into a paper loading tray.

Select a product those who want to print it and right click on the products or Documents.

Press Cntrl+P button in your keyboard or else selecting a print option from right click menu option.

Open a Properties dialog box from a printing option and chose Options, Printer Setup, Printer, or Preferences depending upon your printing requirements.

Save the changed setting as saving custom settings after completing properties of the prints.

Click OK and after than Print option to start up printing options.

123 hp Mac OS Setup for Printing Documents with high quality:

Macintosh operating system is a graphical user interface-based operating system special made for Macintosh series integrated personal computers. The Mac OS has an attractive GUI with improved security features without using special anti-virus software, incredibly stable to control production from start to finish conditions, advanced easy command-line access, automatic work recognition, concurrently running XP or Vista at a same time, and other features.

Loading printable medial like paper, into a paper loading tray.

Ensure that usage of Mac OS versions and its properties.

From a File menu from your printing software and after that select a Page Setup.

From the pop un menu, select a desired printer which one match with your requirement.

Check and change attributes like paper size, orientation, and scaling, of pages.

Click apply and OK, and then continue it.

If your computer is installed with Mac OS X versions, select a blue disclosure triangle next to a Printer selection to access these printing options.

123 HP Troubleshooting Services for HP Printers:

Check conditions of your printer and a computer device:

Ensure that all packing tapes and packaging materials are properly removed from an outer side of a cardboard box and an inner side of the computing and printing devices.

Determine whether a paper loading device of the printing device is loaded with printing papers.

Ensure that all LED lights and other lights are in off state except a ready to operate state.

Ensure that messages are displayed on a device control panel of the printing machine at the time of blinking an attention light.

Check conditions of hardware connections of the HP Printer:

Ensure that any power cords and power supply cables such as USB cable or Ethernet cable, are in good working order.

Ensure that secure connection between the printing device and a power outlet is enabled using the power cords.

Checking working conditions of ink cartridges:

Ink cartridges are important components of printers, those who are having responsibilities of storing massive amount of inks with different colors. Whenever you are getting a popup to install or replace the ink cartridge, you have to align the ink cartridges. Aligning or replacing the ink cartridges ensure give high-quality print outputting results. If you have any clarifications, have to check how to align or replace the ink cartridges for different color purposes.

Checking working Condition of a computer system:

Check whether your computer system is running with the help of allowed operating systems like Windows 32 bit and 64 bit versions, and MacOS versions.

Ensure that the computer system have minimum requirements of the computer system.

Check whether a power light is turned on or blinking, because approximately 45 seconds need to warm up the device at the time of turning on the personal computer.

Ensure that the power cord and power connecting cables are in working conditions.

Ensure that connection between the computer system and the printing device is firmly connected.

Check that all the latches and an access door are properly connected or closed.

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