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123 HP Air Print Setup | 123.hp.com/air print Setup & Install

Kindly Note:

AirPrint option can be enabled only if printer has Air Print capability

Printer should be connected to an active internet connection through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

AirPrint also supports USB Connection.

About Air Print

AirPrint enables you to print full quality photos and documents from iPad, iPhone, iTouch (iOS Ver 4.2 and above) and Mac (Ver 10.7 and above) without installing additional software.

To print via AirPrint, the HP printer should be connected to same network as your device with an active internet connection.

AirPrint is supported by many apps including default apps like Mail, Safari, iWorks, and Photos.

How to print using Air Print

Open the email, photo, document, web pages and content from apps you want to print and tap on the apple share icon.

Click Print option and select the number of copies.

Select your printer

Available Printing options.

       Duplex Printing (Printing on both side)

       Selecting desired pages to print.

       Paper size can be modified.

Click Print.

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