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How to Redeem Norton Antivirus and Activate the subscription on Your Computer?

norton com setup

If you have bought the Norton antivirus from an online or offline software store, then you can set it up by following the steps given below:

  1. Launch a web browser on your device and then go to the “” URL to download and install the latest version of Norton security. 
  2. When the Norton official website opens, go to the “Create an Account” option and then type the details that are required to create a Norton account. 
  3. By creating an account, you can claim your Norton activation key, and it will also help you in reinstalling the program without losing the current subscription.
  4. After creating the account, Sign In to your Norton account that is just created in the previous steps. If the website display that you are already logged in with your account, then leave the sign in step. After that, navigate to the Get Started screen. 
  5. Here you will find the “Enter a New Product Key” option, so simply click on it. 
  6. Thereafter, you will have to provide the Norton activation key. 
  7. The activation key generally found on the Norton CD packing and written on the Norton retail card which is included in the CD or DVD. So first Find the product key and after that type it when asked to enter on the website. 
  8. When you have completely entered the activation key, tap the “Next” button to activate your subscription. 
  9. The Norton antivirus plan is now activated, and you have to read the program Terms and Conditions
  10. After that, hit the Agree button. 
  11. Now you will be prompted to Agree and Continue to the automatic policies of Norton antivirus. So ensure to agree with the terms and conditions of Norton renewal. That will help you in renewing the program by itself. 
  12. Hit the “Agree and Continue” button. 
  13. You may ask to verify the details that you have provided so kindly check all of the details and then select the Turn on Automatic Renewal link. 
  14. Hit Continue located on the enrolment confirmation screen.

How to Download and Install Norton Antivirus on Your Computer? 

Follow the below information to download and install the Norton security application:

  1. Launch an internet browser on your device. 
  2. Visit and Sign In to your Norton account.
  3. Navigate Norton Download link on the Get Started page.  
  4. Press Agree and Download. 
  5. After that, Save the file and then Run the program installer setup and follow the on-screen prompts. 
  6. The Norton software will be automatically installed and activated once the installer is launched.  

This was a short tutorial on how to download and install Norton on your computer.

How to Reinstall Norton with the Latest Version?  

If your Norton software has gone older and acting up, then it is time to change the current version to the latest version. This tutorial will show you how to reinstall Norton without losing the subscription:

  1. Visit and then find the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool on the website. Once you find its download link and then click on the download button. 
  2. Now Save the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool on your computer. 
  3. Once the tool is downloaded, navigate to the Downloads folder using the File Explorer of your computer. 
  4. Located the NRnR file and launch it by double-clicking on it. 
  5. Agree with the Norton license agreement clicking on the Agree button. 
  6. Press Remove and Reinstall. (If the device manufacturer has provided Norton on your computer, then the reinstall option will be greyed out.)
  7. Hit the Continue or Remove button. 
  8. Press the Restart Now option. 
  9. You may see a few on-screen instructions after the computer reboots, to reinstall the software. So thoroughly follow each instruction that is prompted on your screen. 

This was a little help for reinstalling the Norton security application on your device.