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123hpsetups.com clearly states that information collected during technical support calls, payment and troubleshoots. 123hpsetups.com collects information from through web base tools, remote access software or through backend technical support staff to provide best service.

123hpsetups.com won’t share any personal and device information collected from customer such as name, email, postal address, phone, Date of purchase, model number, software used, configuration etc. 123hpsetups.com collect personal information and device information from the customer to provide enhanced service and technical backend support. 123hpsetups.com collects payment through third party payment processor and payment gateway for completing transaction.

After receiving customer request to take control over customer computer 123hpsetups.com technicians will process on customer technical issues. 123hpsetups.com technicians will take necessary steps to limit access to confidential or sensitive data stored on customer computer. 123hpsetups.com doesn’t use remote access software to control customer computer without proper channel request from customer. 123hpsetups.com requests your presence until the completion of process.


We as a third party service provider during the use of remote access and diagnostic application may apply terms and conditions of respective software license agreements.

Security Policy:

As 123hpsetups.com are being global footprint in backend technical support, 123hpsetups.com use variety to software tools, technologies, managerial and physical safe guard to ensure 123hpsetups.com protect customer’s personal information and other related data received. 123hpsetups.com won’t provide backend technical support for children under the age of 13 according to Children Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.

Privacy Policy Updates:

We reserve all rights to change our privacy policy any time and recommend you to check website periodically to stay updated.

DISCLAIMER : 123hpsetups.com

123hpsetups.com is an independent backend technical support service provider for major brand Computer and Printer. The use of trademarks, brands, names, images and services mentioned for information and reference only. 123hpsetups.com disclaims rights, endorsement, affiliation and ownership of any brand names or registered trademarks.

123hpsetups.com guide and educate customers to troubleshoot independently. Drivers and Supported software’s can be downloaded through official website by customer itself. 123hpsetups.com is technical advisor that customer can have at their own risk.